Blowflies by Alexis Rockman
Blowflies by Alexis Rockman. 2007. Courtesy of NYEHAUS gallery.

Here is interesting interview from SEED magazine of an artist Alexis Rockman and astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson that touches on art as knowledge management software.

And a bit on a previous statement about the dawn of the digital.
“To get from here to there, watch for this kind of marks.. Or, in order to kill that animal do this and that. (Evaluate, iterate.)” “Digital” appeared with first knowledge management software, namely the tribal songs, cave paintings, because encapsulation and compression of meaning into painting requires some modeling of thinking process. (I think Duchamp first used arrow in painting as an abstract navigation device.)

And a bit on Z, from one of my previous posts.
rules governing self-similar landscape:
inter-scalar self-similarity (representation?)
intra-scalar self-similarity
dynamic relationships across different scales



With general public embracing the mp3 (discreteness) as a new aesthetic (vehicle), many obtrusive discussions would be avoided.

“At this magnification, the fabric of space-time becomes grainy and is ultimately made of tiny units rather like pixels, but a hundred billion billion times smaller than a proton. This distance is known as the Planck length, a mere 10-35 metres. The Planck length is far beyond the reach of any conceivable experiment, so nobody dared dream that the graininess of space-time might be discernable.”